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George Quinn is a retired academic living in Canberra, Australia, with his wife, Emmy. They have one son, Andrew, who lives in Perth with his wife Francene and their two children Matthew (13) and Samuel (11). George is currently Honorary Professor in the College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University. His main publications are The Novel in Javanese (1992) and The Learners Dictionary of Today’s Indonesian (2001). You can read some of his shorter research papers and newspaper op-ed pieces at: https://anu-au.academia.edu/GeorgeQuinn. In 2019 he published a study of local pilgrimage in Java titled Bandit Saints of Java, currently available through most online bookstores. He is also translating an anthology of Javanese-language short stories into English, and is completing a textbook for the study of Javanese by English-speaking learners to be titled Sri Ngilang. For a YouTube preview go to: www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTL6BMG8JZ0 .

George Quinn with friends at the Luar Batang mosque in Jakarta, Indonesia.


1 thought on “About the author

  1. Of the Fermor books, you wrote: “Part way through Between the Woods and the Water I became so exasperated with my stop-start progress that I made a list of the words that I only understood after looking them up in my Macquarie Dictionary (and some of them weren’t in this pretty fat dictionary).”

    Me too! I did exactly what you did: made a list. Eventually found most of them in my Webster’s unabridged, a few with variant spellings. Theretofore I had thought my vocabulary pretty good…

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